Wrestlers inspired me to get my butt in the gym.

This year I got into WWE again. I hadn’t watched since the days of the Rock N Sock Connection. I had never gone to a live event so I bought tickets to Monday Night Raw and decided that in order to get the full experience I would need to get caught up on the storylines and familiarize myself with all the audience chants. The interactive audience is what makes the live events so fun. Well, I started watching and now I’m a wrestling fan again.

I was fortunate enough this year to be able to meet and greet a few WWE Superstars including my childhood hero Hulk Hogan.

I didn’t think I would be star-struck (but I was) when Hulk Hogan arrived to the comic book shop where hundreds of fans were lined up to meet him. Everybody was sharing stories and memories in line with each other while we were waiting for HH to arrive. It was pretty noisy but as soon as he stepped out of his car, everybody was silently watching him as he was greeted by the owner and by Jimmy Hart, who had arrived earlier and was already meeting fans. As soon as he was done, he looked over at everybody and said, “How’s everybody doing? You ready?” The entire crowd erupted in cheers and then we all went in to meet him.

Mick Foley was great too. I went to see his comedy act at the Brea Improv and my cheekbones were hurting from smiling and laughing all night. Roman Reigns is the new guy on the block, who unfortunately is out right now due to injury, but I was excited to meet him because I think his “Superman punch” is one of the coolest moves ever.

So it was cool meeting these guys and being able to take a picture with them but when I was about to share the pictures online, I was like “dang, I wish I was in better shape.” Nothing like standing next to the “largest pythons in the world” to motivate you to get back into the weight room. I mention in my previous post that my brothers inspired me to run, these guys motivate me to lift. Next time I take a picture with a WWE superstar I want to look more like a colleague than a fan.