Winter Hiking Mt Baldy

Chasing Winter Sunsets

While crowds of Black Friday Shoppers were congesting the outlets and malls, we were chasing Winter.

We hiked up Mt Baldy to see the sunset from the San Gabriel Mountains.


Ski Lift Up

I normally don’t take the ski lift up, but I can’t resist the thrill of riding up when it’s snowing.

Some people might consider this cheating, but our concern today wasn’t mileage but having fun.

So, if you’re more interested in enjoying the most scenic parts of the trail and mountain, you can ride up and only have three miles left to the summit.

The lift only seats two, so you might be the third wheel who doesn’t get to be in Rodolfo’s selfie.

"Selfie or it didn't happen" Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar
“Selfie or it didn’t happen” Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar
Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar
Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar

The Top of The Notch

The Lift drops you off right next to the Top of the Notch Restaurant, and already it was beginning to feel like winter.



Devil’s Backbone Trail

The first time I hiked this portion in Winter, I was definitely concerned about slipping off the mountain at it’s narrowest points.


Proceed with caution.

Photo By Rodolfo Aguilar
Photo By Rodolfo Aguilar


Still, the hike isn’t that technical and offers views and experiences that could seem otherworldly for drought stricken Californian’s.


Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar
Above you can see plenty of standing ground on the trail, yet plenty of view also. Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar
Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar
Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar

I was freezing at parts, which was still more enjoyable than yet another heatwave this year.

Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar
Left To Right: Rodolfo, Diana, Justin Flores Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar

The Views

On the trail, there are multiple views at almost any moment whether you look forward or back or side to side.









The Peak

Last year, I was able to go on a training run to the summit with Endurance Athlete JP Sakamoto.

Endurance Athlete JP Sakamoto Running a Ridgeline


The highest point of the San Gabriel Mountains, Mt Baldy is 10,068 ft of elevation and is the highest point in LA County.

myself (left) and Ultra Runner JP Sakamoto (Right)


Be advised, it gets cold and windy up there.

What 10,068ft above LA beaches looks like…
How does he make running look so easy?

The Descent

As we descended down, the sky changed colors and you could see the sun’s rays in the valley.

Photo by Diana Sotelo
Photo by Diana Sotelo

Done for the day, we headed down with the sun setting to our west.

Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar
Photo by Rodolfo Aguilar


This hike is quickly becoming one of my new favorites.

It’s easily accessible yet diverse in terms of scenery and difficulty.

If you’re looking for strenuous, you could try the ski hut lodge trail. Or, you could always simply take the scenic lift up the mountain for a more moderate hike.


Either way, be safe and enjoy!

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“I love this hike!!!”

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