Winter Hiking In Zion National Park

Justin Flores, writer, trail and ultra runner

Hi, if you’re just tuning in: My name is Justin Flores and I’m obsessively getting ready for Winter.

I’ve run my last Ultra Marathon for the year, which you can read about here and now I’m ready to hit some trails.

As we’re getting ready to start this year’s snow season, we take a look back on last season and plan on rolling out more winter hike posts.

First up is my favorite:


This park is so beautiful, the Mormon Settlers believed that it was a sign from God for them to live here in paradise. Hence, they called it Zion.

View of Zion Valley From Angel’s Landing Trail
Winter Sunset in Zion National Park From Observation Point


IMG_20150101_163114960 (1)

After visiting the park myself, I could definitely understand their view.

I was advised not to visit in the winter if it was my first time. I will admit that it’s not for everyone but if you go, make sure and take the right gear.

Hiking Trails 

Zion offers many different choices for hiking trails ranging from easy to strenuous and from ground level to views that will leave you both awestruck and scared of heights.

Note: I’ve noticed here in California, many hikes listed as strenuous are actually fairly easy.

In Zion, if it’s listed as strenuous, expect a workout.

But trust me, it is worth the journey.

Hiking up to Observation Point…


Hiking along a river…


Note: If you’re going to get wet. I highly recommend you get the right gear.


Although crossing rivers barefoot may look like fun, it’s not effective.

With the right gear, you can go much farther and enjoy your day comfortably.


Angel’s Landing

This epic hike is not for the faint of heart!

Listed as one of the most famous and thrilling hikes in the National Park System. You’ll go up a steep climb and need to use chains at some parts.

In some parts, the chain is almost all you have as you stand a foot away from a few hundred feet drop.




In winter, this is especially dangerous. You’ll need good boots and have to wear either yaktraks or crampon type devices as well.




We didn’t make it all the way to the Top. We stopped just below the base as the light was fading.

The Narrows

Frozen Waterfall
Standing in a river in front of a frozen waterfall, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

DSCF0445This is one the most popular hikes in Zion. It’s otherworldly and incredibly beautiful.

Hike along the Virgin River and into the Narrows. The walls seem monumental and I could help but feel in awe of Utah’s natural wonder.DSCF0387


Can you see why I’m excited for Winter?

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Winter Hiking Bryce Canyon

Ascending towards Sunrise Point

Winter Hiking Mt Baldy

Mt Baldy