Weekly Recap- Back in Action!

I took the entire week off to rest my knee which was really hurting last weekend. It feels pretty good now. It wasn’t hurting at all when I was walking or climbing in\out of my truck. It did feel tender when I would go up or down stairs. I was using the handrails to keep the weight off my knee. I’ve been going up and down stairs the last couple days with no problem.

Saturday night I went on a night hike up to Robber’s Peak so that I could check out the meteor shower. I didn’t run the trail but I didn’t feel any knee pain on the way up or down the trail. That’s good. Which means….

Monday I’m back in action. Will be back at the track for some running and circuit training, and every other day I will be at the gym lifting some weights.

I’ll also be paying closer attention to what I eat from now on. I used the macro calculator to see how many calories I should be consuming to safely drop weight and the calculator suggests that I intake 3000 calories a day if I’m going to be working out 5 days a week. Of those 3000 calories, I’ll be eating 300g of protein, 225g of carbs, and 100g of fat. Most people think that it’s hard to eat healthy because it means you have to starve yourself. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to eat clean, you find that you actually eat a lot of food when you’re trying to hit all your macros.

I’ve made a few changes to the site. I’ve added the following new categories: tools & resources, articles, and recipes. So far the only thing I’ve added to the tools & resources is the macro calculator but I’ll be adding some workouts and training logs there as well. I’m going to start including articles that should be useful for anybody training to be a runner or a lifter. I will also be trying to get interviews and coverage of events to add to the articles section. Recipes is pretty self-explanatory. I’ll start off by adding my most commonly used recipes which are all simple to prepare stuff. I’ll be asking my wife for guidance on some of the more complicated recipes.

There will also be a few more changes coming soon.

Have a great week,

John F.

15 weeks until Tough Mudder

22 weeks until Born to Run 100 mile ultra

44 weeks until EC100 ultra