Training Schedule- Week of December 1, 2014

Time to really step up the training.

Monday- Weights- HIIT- 5 circuits of Squat-n-Press, 2min Cardio, Bent-over Rows, Bench Press, 3min Cardio, Repeat. At a different time of day I will go for a 4 mile run.

Tuesday- Tough Mudder training- 5 circuits of a ton of different exercises designed to kick your butt. You can check out the exercises at their website .

Wednesday- Weights- (Trisets, 8-12 reps)- Leg press, Leg Curls, Reverse Crunches. Shoulder press, Lat Pulldowns, Reverse Crunch. Rope triceps pushdowns, Curls, Reverse Crunch. 6 mile run.

Thursday- Tough Mudder Training- followed by a 4 mile run.

Friday- Same workout as Monday & Tough Mudder training. Today is also long running day – 10 miles. It’s gonna be a hard day but not as hard as Saturday.

Saturday- Long Run- 20 miles. This will be the first time that I have ran so far in quite a long time. It may be the farthest that I have ever ran.

This will be a tough week but nobody said it was going to be easy, right?