Train and gain!


That’s me a few years ago finishing an 12 mile adventure race through rivers, mud, hill, mountains, and a bunch of obstacles.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any real running and it wasn’t until a couple months ago that I got into lifting again. For the most part, I’ve just been surfing…channel surfing.

Well, now it’s time to get back in shape and this time stay in shape. So what’s the plan?

Well, weightlifting has already become a routine. I lift three times a week. I’m following a program that changes up routines every month. I just finished up the first week of month 3- Strength. Heavy weight\low rep sets designed to make me stronger. Next month will be a fat-loss workout. Which will suit me just fine because next month is also the end of a weight loss contest at work and you need to lose to win.

Once I am done with this program that I am on, I will go into a workout program with an emphasis on hypertrophy (getting big) and strength.

But what about all the darn running? Well, I usually follow up my workouts without 30-40 minutes on the elliptical. I will switch out the elliptical with time at the track. I will run an hour a day, 4 days a week, and one long run every other week, for starters. I need to start building up my mileage but I can’t overdo it and get injured early on. Fortunately, because the ultra is a year away, I will have plenty of trial and error to get through until I can find out what works.

I saw a video last week in which a Giant, Roided out bodybuilder was saying that Cardio won’t ruin your gains as long as you are eating enough food. I know that he has taken steroids for over 20 years. I am curious to see if that advice will hold true for a natural bodybuilder. Only time will tell. Also, I think that I am actually at a great place to start because I have quite a bit of fat to lose so I anticipate losing size but hopefully it’s fat melting and not muscles shrinking.

There will be some fine-tuning ahead as I chug along towards my goal of  building muscle, burning fat, and increasing endurance with the ultimate goal of finishing the 100 mile race in October 2015.