Too Much Planning, Not Enough Doing

So here I am with a little more than 10 weeks until Tough Mudder and 17 weeks until I run my first 100 mile ultra and it feels like I have spent more time planning and putting together a training plan than actually putting in the work.

I would write out my training logs, and then hit the gym with one program in mind, and then I would decide that it’s not the way I want to go and then it’s back to the drawing board.

Last week, I finally decided on what program I want to follow and I am going to follow that plan for the next 16 weeks before deciding if I want to switch to something else.

I wrote out my training log…again. I told my wife about my frustration about my excessive planning rendering me inactive, and I’d probably be further along if I was more of a doer than a planner.

She sent me this picture as a pick me up.

It is good to plan. It is important to have a strategy. Many people wander through life aimlessly without a plan just waiting to see what happens. So I am glad that I am a planner. But it is also important to DO. Planning and strategy is great but without any action it is worthless. I have planned and planned and planned and now I just have to do.

This week has been great so far. I’ve been hitting the gym regularly and I have been watching what I eat. I’m following my workout sessions with an hour on the elliptical machine and saving the long runs for the weekend. This weekend I will be going on a ten mile long run.

When race day comes I’ll be ready!