Time to kick it up a notch!


4 weeks until the weight loss competition at work ends.

19 weeks until Tough Mudder.

This week, aside from 2 good running days I didn’t do much else. I didn’t even lift any weights. So training was not that good this week. At least I maintained my diet.

I took my measurements today. I weighed in at 268lbs. When I initially weighed in for the contest 2 months ago I was at 280lbs. So I’m down 12lbs. That’s pretty good but I want to step it up and widen the gap between me and my competition. Fortunately, several people have already given up.

I am not going to change up my diet (caloric intake) but I am going to change up my workout routine and my running routine.

I am going to start a 6 day per week bodybuilding routine as outlined by the man himself: Arnold Schwarzenegger.


I definitely recommend this book to anybody who lifts weights. It’s pretty expensive, even used, but if you look around you can find a good deal. I bought mine for $16 in pretty good condition.

I am also going to be doing a 100-mile training plan for the next 26 weeks which is running 5 times a week, with two long runs sandwiched together in the middle of the week. The plan calls for the long runs on the weekend but I am going to do them mid-week so as to not do any long runs on Leg Day or Rest Day.


I don’t know what my body fat percentage is but I estimate I’m between 25-30%.

Measurements: Biceps: 17″, Quads: 26.5″, Calves: 17″, Belly: 45″, Chest: 49″, Hips: 42″, Neck: 17.5″, Forearms: 14″.

By Comparison: Arnold at Competition time weighed 235lbs and off-season weighed 260lbs. He had 22″ biceps, 28.5″ quads, 20″ calves, 33″ belly, and a massive 57″ chest.

I plan to see a reduction in fat and an increase in muscle definition over the next 4 weeks.