Three Amazing Places to See When Visiting Sequoia National Forest

Three Hours North from Orange County, California lies 1,865 miles of Sequoia National Forest. I was fortunate enough to spend three days in the Southern region. Here’s a list of my top three experiences:

  • Trail of 100 Giants

The Trail of 100 Giants is an absolute “must-hike” in Sequoia National Forest. This world famous hike lives up to its hype. Although this short, family friendly hike doesn’t offer much in the way of challenge, it’s a great learning experience and rare opportunity to see the worlds’ largest organisms in person. Also noted, some of the giants are older than our country.


giants 1


In 2011, two sequoias joined at the base, fell over crushing a bridge and a part of the trail. This only adds to the experience. Kids and adults alike can climb on top of the fallen giant for an epic selfie and a better sense of perspective in terms of size.


giants 2giants 4giants 3


  • Rugged Off Roading to Tobias Peak

Sequoia National Forest boasts over 1,500 miles of roads. Luckily for us, we were in a 4×4 Tacoma capable of traversing the bumpier, rugged dirt roads. Normally, I’m all about the hiking and ultrarunning, but an Indiana Jones style adventure through the mountains was a welcome change of pace.

tobias peak 1

One of destinations we went to was Tobias Peak. We watched giant clouds move over the countryside on an invisible current. The clouds reminded me of a floating white river.

tobias peak 2tobias peak 3tobias peak 4tobias peak 5


  • Sunsets at Lake Isabella

sunset lake 3

I’m told that if I had arrived 5 years earlier, most of the area I was in would have been underwater. Still, the lakeside experience was gorgeous. I couldn’t help but take multiple pictures of the same exact angles until I felt I had enough.

sunset lake 2

I had been very skeptical of the campgrounds after seeing it only had negative reviews online. However, our stay was perfect. Also, it was nice to see the kids in our group enjoying the outdoors. I was asked to teach them how to skip stones into the lake. When I luckily managed to skip a stone, I was established as an alpha male. My status was soon challenged when of the kids caught two fishes half his size.

sunset lake 1

BONUS: Kern River is nearby and a perfect excuse to return.