Sunday- Weekly Recap

This was a good week for running. I think I have done more running in this one week than I have done in several years. Fortunately, the muscle memory still seems to be there because it has not been that hard to get back into running a few miles at a time.

Pretty good recovery times too. I have very slight soreness in my quads from yesterday’s trail run but it’s hardly anything.

I didn’t do any lifting at all this week which sucks but had too many things going on this week (excuses, excuses) and I am definitely getting back in the gym this week. I saw what my schedule was like last week and I figured I would only be able to do one or the other, and I chose running because I know that needs the most improvement since it has been the most neglected.

I am going to start the Tough Mudder Training plan this week which says to do this boot camp 3 times a week, in addition to (not in lieu of) my own workouts and cardio sessions.

So I will stick to my running routine (outlined in earlier post) of running a few times a week with 2 long runs mid-week, I will lift 3 times a week (instead of the 6 days bodybuilding plan I said I was gonna do), and this Tough Mudder boot camp 3 times a week.

My diet was not so good this week, but it also wasn’t terrible. I had junk food on several days but on those days I made sure the rest of my meals were pretty healthy. This week will be better.

So of the three things I’m tracking (fitness-wise): Running, Lifting, Macros, I did really good on 1 out of 3. Much room for improvement.

BTW, I had a dream that I was running the EC100 with my brothers. My feet, legs & back were hurting, my pace was slowing, but I still had plenty of time and was on pace to finish a sub-24.

Wishing everybody a great weekend- JF

(I think my counts were wrong in earlier posts but these are the correct ones now)

3 weeks until final weigh-in at company weight-loss contest

18 weeks until Tough Mudder

25 weeks until Born to Run 100 miler

11 months until EC100