Sunday Runday- Noble Ale Works

Noble Ale Works is a microbrewery located in Anaheim, California in the Stadium Plaza Business Park.

1621 S. Sinclair St. Ste B., Anaheim, Ca 92806
1621 S. Sinclair St. Ste B., Anaheim, Ca 92806

It is located between the Angels Stadium and the Honda Center: home of the Anaheim Ducks. This place has a great selection of high quality full flavored craft brews.

“But wait! There’s more!”

Noble Ale Works hosts a running event every Sunday known as Sunday Runday. This gathering of runners and brews is hosted by running legend Dennis Wilson.

Dennis Wilson is on the right.
Dennis Wilson is on the right.

Sunday Runday at Noble Ale works happens every Sunday at 3:30pm. It is open to everybody who wants to join in on the fun, however you must be 21 years of age or older to drink inside the brewery. The group usually meets inside or in the front parking lot. You can tell right away who is there to run by their clothes and\or shoes. If not, just ask the bartenders and they can point out the group.

Normally, depending on everybody’s time and energy, there are two distance options: a 3 mile run or a 6 mile run. The group starts out in front of the brewery, runs to the Santa Ana River Trail in a loop, sometimes out to Katella Ave., switches sides on the trail, then heads straight to Ball Rd. or Lincoln Ave. and returns to the brewery. This may sound easy to some, it may sound hard, but once you are out there running with the group, you’ll have a blast.

This has become a Sunday tradition for me, having participated in the event nearly every week since it started. Nothing beats putting in some miles, then enjoying an ice cold beer or two right after to celebrate.

Now, do you want to hear the best part? The first pint of beer is $1.00 for all runners (21 or over) who participate.

So the next time you are in town, or you’re looking for a great place to burn some calories, drink good beer, and have some laughs; bring your running shoes and come join us.

See you there,