Red Dawn Run


“Far better is it to dare mighty things, than to take rank with those poor, timid spirits who know neither victory nor defeat.”- Teddy Roosevelt, as seen on a statue in the movie Red Dawn.

I hit the track early this morning and the sky was red. The first thing I thought of (probably because I watched a lot of movies and was born in the 80’s) was Red Dawn. So I thought, how could Red Dawn fit in to what I’m trying to do?

Then it occurred to me that the movie is about a small group of teenagers who attempt the improbable and make the enemy’s life hell. image

So yeah, that’s kind of like me. I’m this big, heavy clumsy out-of-shape guy attempting to run 100 miles in May (6 months) when I’ve never even run the length of a marathon. The odds are against me. I told two people at work that I am going to attempt this. One was supportive, the other said it was impossible and that I wasn’t going to finish.

So now I have to picture him as the Russians and I’m Patrick Swayze image

and Swayze don’t take no crap from no one. My friend said I should start with a half marathon or something but I think that sometimes you need to set the bar high. Aim high and even if you don’t reach your goal you will still pull off something amazing, or at least better than you would just playing it safe. In the movie, this small group didn’t beat the Russians but they gave everything they had to keep going until they couldn’t go any more. Aim high.

I’m going to need to train my butt off. I did another 4 miles today. My knees were hurting today from blasting down all those hills yesterday so I thought I better stick to flat, dirt terrain today in the hopes of giving my knees some relief. I’ve never had knee problems before even though everybody I’ve ever met says that I’m too big to run. It’s true, I am big but I think it had more to do with the hills yesterday than my weight especially because a few portions of the trail were over loose rocks.

Today was another beautiful morning. I saw a rainbow, and at the end of my run it even started to rain a little…so I did two more laps.


I thanked God for another opportunity to be out enjoying nature and getting some exercise, I asked for the strength and motivation to keep doing what I need to do to reach my goals, and then I headed home. Another workout well done.


p.s. They say you’re not a runner until you take a running selfie