I’ll start Monday!

Pretty much most of my adult life, whenever I decide it’s time to start working out again, I say “I’ll start on Monday.” Then I eat another slice of pizza. Monday comes around, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, and I haven’t done anything, and “I’ll start on Monday.” Since I’m gonna start on Monday, I take the excuse to eat whatever I want over the weekend “since it’s the last weekend that I’ll be able to eat like this.”

Well, I will never again say I’ll start Monday. From now on I’ll say “I’ll start today.”

“I ate bad today? I’ll get back on track today.”

This weekend was a great example of a cheat weekend. Roscoe’s on Friday, Del taco and In n Out on Saturday, and Papa John’s on Sunday. But I’m not waiting until Monday to start eating right again. After a Papa John’s lunch, I’m having a chicken salad dinner. Later, I’ll go for a run.

Tough Mudder is in 20 weeks and I may have an ultramarathon that same month. Time to kick the training up a notch, and a big part of that is making sure that my nutrition goals are being met. Meaning, less junk food and more running and lifting. Skipped 2 workouts this week. That’s no good.

Time to get back on track TODAY!