I have now officially signed up for the 100 mile endurance challenge from Norco to Santa Monica!

This is it, the race I’ve been waiting to sign up for. In my first post I mentioned how I have crewed my brothers the last three years and how watching them finish the race this past October inspired me to start training for the race as well. Well, here I am now, about two months later and I’ve been training and now I’m officially signed up for the race.

I have signed up for several other events before this, including the 100 mile Born to Run ultra, but I am viewing them all as previews to this race. My brother shared a meme with me about someone telling an ultrarunner “let me get this straight, you signed up for an ultra to train for an ultra?” He laughed but he said it’s true. He told me that races are much different than training runs and it is in those races that I learn the stuff I need to succeed at my “goal race.” The objective is to finish every race you sign up for, but if you don’t, it is important to learn why you failed and work on that for the next race.

Another reason why I’m excited about this race is because it is a fundraiser for the “100 mile club” which is a school program that teaches kids about the value of setting goals and how to take the steps necessary to reach those goals. This program is a great confidence builder for kids and it would have been neat to have a program like this when I was in school. I’m raising money for this program here http://www.imathlete.com/donate/JohnFlores .

I will be running a 10k on December 26th in Bonita, Ca. The race is called “The Volunteer Run: FBO the Ultra Medical Team.” They have several different race options but I chose the 10k because the selling point was that nobody had signed up yet, therefore if I am the only one who enters and I finish, I automatically win. I wouldn’t mind having a win under my belt. Another reason why I chose the shorter option is because I want to be able to check out all the festivities and be there to cheer the other runners on, including Ed “The Jester” Ettinghausen who will be running his 40th 100 mile race of the year. He recently broke the world record for most 100 mile races in a year. I have never personally met Ed, but I have seen him (he’s easy to spot) at a ton of races when I’ve gone with my brothers and he seems pretty cool.

I got back in the gym yesterday after what seems like forever. It was a hard day. I went lighter than I did the last time I was there and I still left the gym feeling wiped out. I was a little worried about my knee so I did dumbbell squats instead of barbell squats (so way, way lighter) and my left knee felt a little irritated. I went straight to the sporting goods store when I finished my workout and bought some knee bands. I put one on each leg and it actually helped a lot. I didn’t feel any discomfort at all and I was going up and down stairs all night. I’ll be trying them on later today when I go for a short run.