Ho Ho Hoooo….my stomach!

Yesterday we had a Christmas potluck at work. There was a ton of food. I was stuffed with two plates, but there was still more food to try so I really pushed it with the third plate. The rest of the day my stomach felt really full and bloated. But there was still dessert on the table so every now and then I’d come back and eat a cookie or brownie. It was good.

I had brought a big sheet cake in for work but at the end of the day there was still over 3/4 of the cake left. I decided to leave it for the other shifts so that they could eat it.

All day long at home I was thinking about that cake. I still wanted to eat some of it. “It’s gone” I said to myself. “By now, everybody has gotten a piece and there’s nothing left.” But still I was craving the cake. I asked a coworker who was still there if there was cake still left in the fridge. He told me there was. I drove back and got the cake. I’m pretty sure if you drive all the way across town to pick up some leftover cake because you couldn’t stop thinking about it means that you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon.

Even if the cake looked like this (it didn’t).

Well, today I made sure to get to the track and do some training. I have the 10k race that I’m doing on Friday so I wanted to make sure that I’m getting some track time so that my muscles and joints are all warmed up and ready.

I decided that today I would powerwalk 2 miles. I wanted to see how fast I could go if I powerwalked. The first year that I crewed for my brother at EC100, we were around mile 80 when he wanted to keep pushing towards the 100 mile finish but his body said, “Nah, I think we’re done here, bro.” At which point, the five o’clock whistle sounded and all the muscles and organs started clocking out and going home for the day, or at least that’s what it probably felt like. He could barely walk anymore, and he had started puking by the side of the road. It was around 2 or 3am, and it was dark and drizzling. He had just finished puking for the third time, when I heard footsteps off behind us in the distance. I saw a tiny headlight getting closer and closer to us. The light was rapidly approaching and in no time at all, it had reached us.

It was 2X Guinness record holder (most marathons in a year) Yolanda Holder. Without stopping or breaking her pace she asked, “everything ok, boys?” “Yes,” we replied. “See you at the finish line,” she said as she quickly disappeared into the darkness in front of us. She is fast and it looked so effortless the way she glided past us.

That memory has always stuck with me and I must have told this story about 20 times at least. Well, because of this memory, I decided to look up articles and learn more about her style to see if that is something that I could adopt. I read that her style is kind of a combination of racewalking and powerwalking. She makes sure to pump her arms big to get that momentum going. I tried doing that today but I felt too self-conscious so I swung my arms but I didn’t do “the full Mario.”

I did 2 miles today and kept them both at 15 minute miles. It is definitely lower impact than running but it was not easy. My calves were burning and I had to keep remembering not to slouch (I really need to fix my posture). When I finished, I felt pretty good. Not tired at all. Now I just need to keep increasing my mileage. 2 miles at 15 minutes each wasn’t too bad but can I keep that up for another 98 miles? I don’t know if I’m there yet so I will need to do a combination of running and walking to keep my time down. I want to shoot for a sub-24 hour finish at EC100 which means I need to keep it at a 14 minute mile the entire way. That means more training, and less cake.

Merry Christmas!