Happy Birthday to Arnold Schwarzenegger from Get Strong Run Long

Well, it is now July 30th which means that Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning 68. We here at Get Strong Run Long want to wish Arnold Schwarzenegger a very happy birthday!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, as you all know, is a bodybuilding legend (7x Mr. Olympia), movie star (king of 80’s action), politician (former Governor of California), and businessman.

When I was a kid, my three favorite action stars were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, and Sylvester Stallone. As an adult, my three favorite action stars are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, and Sylvester Stallone. Not much has changed, only now I would add Bruce Willis and Jackie Chan.

I am a big fan of Arnold. I could write up pages and pages about all my favorite Arnold one-liners, my favorite Arnold movies, or talking about his accomplishments in the bodybuilding, movie, and business world…

"Like I said, I'm a fan"
“Like I said, I’m a fan”

But instead, I’d rather share a few of my favorite Arnold stories, and two of my favorite Arnold videos from the web. I hope you enjoy.


1. Don’t worry, you never will


There’s a famous anecdote about somebody coming up to Arnold and telling him that his body is gross, saying “I never want to look like you.” Arnold replied back, “Don’t worry, you never will.”


2. Arnold’s biceps dominate the set of Predator


If you ever watch the behind-the-scenes featurette on the Predator DVD, you’ll hear the cast talking about how competitive they all were in the weight room. When the actors weren’t filming, they were lifting weights. Arnold convinced the costumer to tell Jesse Ventura and the others that Arnold’s biceps were smaller than Jesse Ventura’s. Then later, Arnold was egging Jesse on and waited for Jesse to make a bet on who’s biceps were bigger. Jesse was confident that he had it in the bag because the costumer had said that Arnold’s biceps were several inches smaller than Jesse’s but as it turns out, the exact opposite was true.

What's a matter? CIA got you pushing too many pencils?
What’s a matter? CIA got you pushing too many pencils?


3. Arnold is the king of marketing and branding


In the 1970’s, when bodybuilding was still new and most people didn’t really know too much about it, or thought that it was weird, media reporters started showing up to interview bodybuilders so they could learn more about it. Arnold noticed that most bodybuilders were shy, and really didn’t want to talk to the cameras. Arnold took advantage of that and made himself the larger than life character that we know today. The movie Pumping Iron is a great example of that. He says pretty funny, and memorable stuff that he knows will get people’s attention. I’m glad that it’s finally on Netflix because that movie kicks butt.

"It's fantastic!"
“It’s fantastic!”

I also started reading his book Total Recall- My unbelievable life story this week while waiting at the airport. It’s full of a ton of funny stories. He talks about when he and Franco Columbu went into the construction business and they branded themselves as “Italian craftsmen, masters of marble and stone” because all things foreign were big in LA at that time.


4. Six Rules of Success


I love this video. In fact, I have referred back to it in several of my posts. Arnold’s Six Rules of Success. I love how he says, “these rules don’t work unless you do.” In other words, you need to work hard. Arnold set a goal, he had a vision of what he wanted to do, and he worked hard every day to make sure that he was heading in the right direction. There’s a story in the book about how he always dreamed that one day he’d be invited to America. He wanted to be in America, and would never stop talking about it even though everybody in his small town would laugh about it. When he was in the army, they were sending several soldiers to train in America. Even though he wanted to come out here, he knew that if he did, he’d only have to come back to Austria, this time with a longer contract with the army. He stuck it out and kept his eyes on the big prize. A few years later, Joe Weider invited Arnold to come out to California.


5. Arnold gives a tour of Venice Beach


In this video, Arnold gives a tour of his old stomping grounds. I first saw this video right before crewing for my brothers in the 100EC from Norco to Santa Monica. While my brothers were running through Venice on their way to the finish line, I took a little detour and paid a visit to the wall that Arnold talks about in the video.

The video is a bit long but definitely worth the watch if you have the time. It was especially cool watching the video again after reading the first few chapters of the book, because some of things he talks about in the video are talked about in greater detail in the book, such as the construction of the first wall that he and Franco built when they went into business together, and him training with Sergio Oliva before finally unseating him as Mr. Olympia.




So, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this little look at Arnold. If you’re interested in the reading the book, you can download it here eBooks.com


Happy Birthday Arnold!

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