Foggy Morning Bike Ride

Week 2 of riding my bike to work. Quads still burn but I’m definitely liking the ride. Getting some good, fun exercise (beats the elliptical staring at the wall for an hour) and every day is something new.

This morning it was really foggy.

The air was nice and cool and by the time I reached my destination, my face and jacket were all covered in morning dew.

Riding in the fog is pretty awesome. I think that it’s better than running in the fog in Catalina. Yes, way better than running in the fog. In Catalina. (inside joke)

In any case, I like riding my bike and I’m glad I added it to my routine. Just another training tool in my arsenal.

8 weeks until Tough Mudder.

15 weeks until Born to Run Ultramarathon.

37 weeks until EC100.