Chasing Mavericks-chasing goals


If you haven’t seen the movie “Chasing Mavericks,” I highly recommend it. It is kind of like “The Karate Kid” for surfers.

In the movie, the main character Jay, has a dream of surfing the huge waves at Mavericks. His mentor, Frosty, lays out a plan for him and tells him that before he can even dare to go out onto those massive waves he needs to be able to hold his breath for at least four minutes, have the strength to paddle all the way across the channel to this island in the distance, and he has to do some essays on observation about the waves and the sea.

Jay makes up these charts and graphs that he uses to track his progress and he crosses off each milestone. For example, when he held his breath for 1 minute, he crossed that off the list. When he paddled a 1/4 of the distance to the island, he crossed that off too.

You need to be able to see how far you’ve gone to be motivated to keep going farther. It’s like when you’re doing a race and you’re tired, and hurting, and want to quit. All you can think about is how much farther until the finish line. Then when you see the finish line it’s like a second wind and you start moving fast again. That seemingly impossible goal is now within reach so you keep moving. Nobody stops when they see the finish line.

Needless to say, Jay surfs Mavericks and was awesome at it.

I am going to do a graph for my running (seen in earlier post) and a graph for workouts (measurements), daily diet, and pounds lost. I know I can do all this online on apps like CalorieCount but I like paper charts so I can cross stuff off the list. One of the reasons I liked seeing Jay do that in the movie so much is because that’s how I like to plan out my stuff too. It’s the following through that’s the hard part.

Checkpoints: I am doing Tough Mudder in March, EC100 in October, and I plan on doing one more race in May. That’ll most likely be it because races are expensive and I’d rather spend money spoiling my wife, paying bills, and keeping food on the table.