Biking and Bodybuilding

I rode my bike to work today for the first time. I thought you said this biking stuff was easy!

My quads were burning the whole time, probably because they were still sore from the split squats I did earlier in the week.

The first two thirds of the way were pretty hard but once I got a few blocks away from work I was like, “this is pretty nice.”

On the way back home, not only were my quads burning but my butt was sore too. Gonna need to get a better padded seat, or add some more meat to my backside.

I learned a little something about packing light. I took my heavy backpack that was filled with a bunch of stuff and I also took my lunch pail, which was digging into my side as I rode. On the way back, having emptied the backpack of non-essentials, I stuffed my lunch pail into the backpack. Next time, I’ll take only what I need and pack my lunch into the backpack.

I went to the gym today. I’m finishing off week 3 of the preparation phase leading up to a 16 week hypertrophy (building big muscles) plan. I’m following the plan from Chad Waterbury’s book “Huge in a Hurry.” He really doesn’t recommend any cardio for any of the programs except for the “get lean” program but I’ve got some extra weight on me so I’m sure the daily bike riding and the weekly long runs won’t make me shrivel away or affect my gains.

I like the mirrors at the gym. They make me look huge and muscular like the bodybuilders of yore…

I didn’t take a picture because the camera won’t do it justice. It’ll only show you what “I really look like.” So take my word for it, in the mirrors at the gym, I look great.