Beautiful morning for a 4 mile run


“Get up in the morning, gotta thank God.”- Ice Cube.

Got to the track and did 4 miles today. Felt better running today than I did the other day but I wasn’t sick anymore today and the track is flat so no steep hills (any hills) to deal with.

I kept it at 12:30 min\mile the whole time. That’s pretty much the pace I want to keep it at for at least the first 25 miles of the 100 mile race to ensure I make all the first cutoff times and then have the luxury of slowing down a little.

It was a pretty good jog and when I was done I still felt like I could do much more. It is hard keeping a 12:30 pace though: IT’S TOO DARN SLOW!!! You have to fight the urge to speed up and take off running, but you need to exercise self-control. The secret to finishing an ultra is not speed but the ability to keep moving for long periods of time and great distances. Ever watch the movie Hidalgo? The horses take off running full speed at the starting line but that is only for the benefit of the crowd. Once they’re out of sight they slooooow down, take it eeeeeasy (picture Sam Elliot saying that).

I’m down a few pounds, hopefully fat, not muscle. I haven’t hit the weights yet this week but I’ll make my triumphant return to the weightroom in a bit.