Back at the track, Jack!


Went for a run this morning at my old high school track. This is my favorite track to run at even though there is another one just a short walk away from my house.

It was a nice, cool morning. The sun was just coming up and the air smelled nice.

I just bought a GPS running watch and today was the first time I was able to try it out. It’s pretty neat because it keeps a stopwatch, tells me the distance that I’ve ran, and tells me what pace I’m going. You can set it to “current pace” or “average pace.” I had it set to average pace because when I look at how many miles in a race and what the cutoff time is (the time you have to finish in) I always calculate how fast I have to go to finish. For the EC100, I need to stay under a 16 minute mile in order to make the 30 hour cutoff but I want to shoot for a 14-15 minute mile. It doesn’t sound like much difference but it adds up.

So I walked and jogged this morning and saw how much walking I could get away with and keep it between 13:30-13:50. Once I saw that my watch would start inching towards the 13:50 mark, I’d start jogging again and bring it down.

I did 2 miles today. Only 98 more miles to go. In the movie Rocky, Mick tells him that if he’s going to fight for 15 rounds he needs to train 15,000 rounds or something like that. Well, I know that I need to put in a lot more mileage if I’m going to be ready for that race.

Then I can shout, “Yo Adrian, we did it!” But I would shout my wife’s name, not Adrian’s.