Back at the track, Jack!


Went for a run this morning at my old high school track. This is my favorite track to run at even though there is another one just a short walk away from my house.

It was a nice, cool morning. The sun was just coming up and the air smelled nice.

I just bought a GPS running watch and today was the first time I was able to try it out. It’s pretty neat because it keeps a stopwatch, tells me the distance that I’ve ran, and tells me what pace I’m going. You can set it to “current pace” or “average pace.” I had it set to average pace because when I look at how many miles in a race and what the cutoff time is (the time you have to finish in) I always calculate how fast I have to go to finish. For the EC100, I need to stay under a 16 minute mile in order to make the 30 hour cutoff but I want to shoot for a 14-15 minute mile. It doesn’t sound like much difference but it adds up.

So I walked and jogged this morning and saw how much walking I could get away with and keep it between 13:30-13:50. Once I saw that my watch would start inching towards the 13:50 mark, I’d start jogging again and bring it down.

I did 2 miles today. Only 98 more miles to go. In the movie Rocky, Mick tells him that if he’s going to¬†fight for 15 rounds he needs to train 15,000 rounds or something like that. Well, I know that I need to put in a lot more mileage if I’m going to be ready for that race.

Then I can shout, “Yo Adrian, we did it!” But I would shout my wife’s name, not Adrian’s.