Anaheim Hills Trail Run


Mike, my brother, the ultrarunner, sends me a text message asking if I want to go on a hike. “How far,” I ask. He tells me “not far. I have to leave for work at 8:20am.” I say, “ok” and tell him “I’m on my way.”

We drive over to the Anaheim Hills trails. It was cold that morning.

We could see the top of Robber’s Peak as we head into the parking lot. We made our way up to the top of the peak where I took some more pictures. Everything looked so green. It had just rained a few days before so the grass was really high and green, and there were yellow flowers everywhere. You could also see the snow-capped mountains off in the distance. Naturally, I couldn’t resist twirling around in the flowers like Maria in the Sound of Music.

scenic collage

With the initial climb and photo op out of the way, my brother asks,

“ok, ready to start running?”

“I thought you said we were gonna hike?”

“ah, a little running never hurt nobody. Let’s go,” and he took off running down the trail, with me following behind him. I should’ve known better: if one of my brothers asks if I want to go on a hike, he really means a run covering many miles and over lots of hills.

From the top of Robber’s Peak you could see the green valley stretched out below. We followed the trail that zig-zagged from the top of one side of the mountain we were standing on, all the way down into the valley that cut across until we were climbing up on the other side of the mountain that we started from.

It was a real fun trail run. A lot of parts had us climbing up to the top of a ridge, and then we’d run down and curve around so fast that you couldn’t slow down. It was like being on a rollercoaster.

anaheim hills collage

It was super cold when we started but halfway through the run we were sweating like crazy. I didn’t have my GPS watch on me so I don’t know how far we ran that morning but from the top of the mountain looking down at the trail, it seemed like we ran a really long way, but it didn’t feel like it. I guess time really flies when you’re having fun.

We climbed back up to the top of the trail, took in the views, and headed back down to car.

collage 3

Our shoes were completely covered in mud (and possibly scat) since most of the terrain was still wet and muddy following the rain.

As always, I thanked my brother for dragging me out there. I am usually reluctant accepting invites to go on a run with my brothers because I always feel slow and out of shape but I never regret having gone.

This was a great training run and more runs like these will definitely help me in achieving the fitness goals that I have set for this year.

4 weeks until Tough Mudder

11 weeks until Born to Run Ultramarathon

33 weeks until EC100