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Hello all,

We try to minimize the placement of ads on our articles to ensure that you have a pleasant reading experience. So, to make things easier, we decided to place the majority of our affiliate ads on one page.

Under Armour

This is one of our favorite brands. They have a great selection of clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

Spartan Race

If you like Obstacle Course Races like we do, then you’ll love the Spartan Race.

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Quest Protein Bar

By far, the best tasting protein bars on the market today- (John’s opinion)

You like reading, we like reading. The other day, my brother and I were at the bookstore and he said, “there has to be a cheaper way to buy a ton of books.” I said, “there is. We can start downloading books instead of buying them.” - Save time and money!


We’ve all seen these stores at the mall. Tell me, you haven’t gone in to sit in one of their massage chairs.

Chicago Steak Company

This one, we haven’t tried yet, but all the stuff on their website looks delicious. Definitely on the must try list.

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If you love affordable women’s fashions, check out Chicnova.

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Cici Hot

Another site for women’s fashions. Check it out. You’ve been working on your summer body…you deserve it.


Get Silk’n sexy. Get Silk’n smooth. Hair removal and beauty products.


Haven’t tried this one yet but the food looks delicious.

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Quality Health

Check out this website for health information and recipes.

17 day diet meal plan by BistroMD

So you want to eat healthy but you don’t want to cook. These guys deliver healthy meals at a pretty reasonable price.