5 more weeks until Tough Mudder


I have 5 more weeks until I do my third Tough Mudder. This is the part where I start to get nervous. I haven’t been training like I should, I haven’t been eating like I should, I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be by now. Time to quit messing around.

My cardio is pretty strong. I am confident that I’ll be able to tackle the course. I have been increasing the mileage of my runs. I have been hiking trails which is pretty much the toughest part of Tough Mudder- the terrain. As far as weighlifting goes, I haven’t been consistent. I haven’t stuck to just one plan. I’ll start one, then decide I want to go another route, change it up, skip the gym, I’ll start again Monday.

I started riding my bike to work. Did that for a week, didn’t ride at all last week.

The scale hasn’t moved at all. I weigh the same now as I did in December, but fortunately not as much as I did in October.

So, 5 more weeks until Tough Mudder and I’m a bit nervous.

What do I do about it? Sit back, whine, complain, make excuses and wait for the day of the race to arrive? Hell NO!!! Time to get off my butt and make things happen!

I tend to work better under pressure. Quick example: I always wait until my homework is due before I start my homework…and I usually procrastinate for a few hours or so before I actually start. I’m supposed to be writing an essay and making a powerpoint right now!!!!

I always scramble to get everything done at the last minute, and I always do great. I’m holding down a 3.9 GPA.

So, time to stop procrastinating and start training. 5 weeks to get it done. 5 weeks to get ready. 5 weeks until Tough Mudder.